About Flibble - Unified Communications

Flibble is a cloud-based unified communications solution from Smallworld IT, a services provider with over 25 years experience in the technology industry.

During this time we have spent a long while thinking about the best way to do things. We noticed that working from the Cloud has always been a bit “bitty” and we came up with a solution … Flibble.

Flibble is place where everything your business needs is brought together & supported in a single offering. No more supporting your own business, no more chasing multiple suppliers.

Flibble has been specifically designed for small & medium size businesses. You can access all your important things form any device, while in the office, in meetings, working from home or abroad.

Flibble can help you to efficently run your business. The only thing Flibble can’t do is make tea.

A full feature list and comparison is available [here]

For additional information please visit our questions and answers page.

Enterprise users

Not a problem. Why not outsource to us?

We can provide you with your own private cloud solution in your own secure environment. All the same features apply. Please contact us for further information.

With Unified Communications you can ...


Communicate safely with ease

Flibble allows everyone to communicate efficiently with everyone both inside and outside your organisation. There is a feature rich webmail client and a Microsoft Outlook Connector. ActiveSync allows you to syncronise email, contacts, calendar and tasks with your mobile devices. Transparent email filtering & spam protection keeps you safe and secure.


Organise efficiently

Give your users the flexibility and control they need. Permission-based sharing allows users to share and update centralised information for all to see. Whether updating a shared calendar, adding a new customer contact or updating a shared document, everything is organised as efficeiently as possible.


Collaborate more

Bringing together email, contacts, calendars, tasks, voice and customer relationship management (CRM) into a single unified communications platform = efficiency. Each user can share their own information with others. Users can access Public Folders and share common data.


Be productive anywhere

With a choice of interface and full support for many of todays mobile devices, Flibble enables you the ability to work from anywhere. Our voice solutions allow you to "Unplug & Go", taking your office phone to another location, or using a softphone extension on your mobile anywhere in the world.